Keep it fizzy, stupid.

Founded in June 2007, Fizzy Software is based in Gurgaon, India. With more than a decade long experience in building immersive digital experiences, we are only getting better at building your dreams.

Design Team

Design is the foundation because everything else revolves around it. A good design can hail or fail a product. We have a design team that focus on the very core and basics of design to make products that are simple and intuitive. Our vision is to add new and unique features that can set them apart from the crowd. 

Technical Team

We have an easy-to-deal-with, technical team which is passionate about solving customer’s problems. We specialize in transforming hassles, frustrations and looming deadlines to quality built incredible applications. Our focus on usability ensures that the interface is simple and intuitive.

Product Team

Our product team has the experience of working with top gaming, analytical and consulting companies including Zynga, IBM and Accenture. This mix ensures that we deliver the best possible solutions which have a direct and measurable impact on the business and help move things forward.

Client Focused

We collaborate with clients to ensure a unique experience to enhance their presence by focusing on design, analytics and feedback. Clients always have access to the latest build of the app and can track visible progress on daily/weekly basis rather than having to wait months.

We strive to enhance how you experience technology.

Let's work together.